Rated Nurses

About Rated Nurses


Harness technology to benefit from significant cost and time savings while increasing transparency and eliminating risk and potential fallout.


While traditional approaches to healthcare recruitment have some merit, they are poorly suited to the modern, fast-paced economy and recruitment marketplace. Above all, the picture for such recruitment drives produce is often inaccurate, incomplete or highly biased by a few individuals. Employers often feel disempowered by or disconnected from recruitment agency processes - they are kept in the dark or unable to verify essential details themselves.


Rated Nurses harasses powerful, award technology to empower employers through a transparent and robust turn-key recruitment solution. Employers remain in the loop, with instant access to the candidates' skills, experience and verified employment history. The cost and time-saving benefits are clear - eliminate expensive (hours, manpower and investment) recruitment campaigns, fill positions promptly and avoid the cost, hassle and potential fallout of recruiting unsuitable staff.


Background Vetted


Utilise technology to instantly access comprehensive intel of potential staff.


Employer ranked


Benefit from transparent, unedited (no cherry picking) ratings by former employers.


We are Recruiting

We are always looking for the best-registered nurses around and you would get the following

  • Fast Track Registration
  • High Volume Of Work
  • Competitive Pay
  • Free Training
  • Free Uniform

You would have to never look back with us and think of the future.