Do you Know what? I’m sick of people offering me solutions to things that aren’t really a problem.

Need a hair transplant, Sir? We can tattoo your head and make it look just like hair! No, you cant and anyway I love the fact that I'm going bald, skinheads are cool.

Like a little knitted handmade coat to keep your dog warm? No thanks I've already got a coat, and I don’t have a dog.

So, I won't waste your time, if you have no interest in healthcare as either a worker or an employer, STOP READING!

Cool, that’s got rid of that lot, the rest of you may be interested.

The big problem I have endured for a while, 13 years in fact while working as a Healthcare Assistant in the big wide world is that I'm pretty good at my job, better than average.

I am also modest, that’s why I've avoided saying I'm bloody brilliant. I've got a track record of excellence, yet I'm not particularly good at selling myself.

Wouldn’t a below average worker also think or say they were bloody brilliant as well?

Feedbacks are great, it helps you grow, identify training needs and if you are an agency worker like me, get you repeat work.

My problem is I haven't had a tool to help me prove my sheer brilliance….. until now.


“Oh, Good Grief! What’s he selling?” Calm down, people. RATED is free to join. Now that’s out the way, can I explain it?

RATED is an online platform that allows employers to rate Healthcare Workers.DONT WORRY! Nothing goes online without the worker's approval and admin verification.

RATED isn't about bullying or blackmail or a tool for manipulation. It's all about promoting the good people – not catching out below average workers

Healthcare workers get rated in five areas: Reliability, Communication, Teamwork, Skillsets, and Experience. There is also a comment box for employers to add further insights.

Past and current employers can use it- they just have to register as a user and its free to do so.

You can also post an online CV with your unique web link, again at no cost, and you also get 5 free rating cards – Just like a business card with your web link.

The platform can also allow you to hold up to date online DBS and mandatory training certificates other documents you need to start a new employment, sending you reminders when you need to update, this ensures constant compliance and making moving jobs easier. WARNING TIGHTWADS! If you want to upgrade to this latter, there will be a small monthly fee of 99p, but you can have the rating system without the paid for extras.

RATED is perfect for all healthcare workers who want to stand out from the crowd, whether Nurses, HCAs or domestic workers but especially if you are an agency worker.

So, why wouldn't you want to sign up?

A proper solution to a real problem


Sign up for free today at

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— Steve Jones