Our Mission


Rated is a platform that helps healthcare workers to promote themselves and healthcare employees to check out good workers. 


Healthcare professionals are rated by their direct employers, like managers in terms of relationship, communication, teamworker, skillset, and experience.


Why is Rated to groundbreaking? It allows great healthcare workers to build an online profile that lets others highlight how great they are - It's an ongoing review of their working life.


If you are a worker it will help you get a job.


Rated's handpicked, vetted staff seamlessly merge with permanent staff, significantly reducing the need for induction and training for a high turnover or temporary staff


You would love to be praised for all the hard work but have no proof to show employers?


No problem with Rated, Vetted and Trusted you would be able to stand out from the crowd.


Benefits include:

  • Online CV with your own unique web link - No more Paper CVs!
  • Verified ratings from senior colleagues with whom you directly work
  • Save all document you need to start a new job securely online
  • Your own personal rating card - just like a business card
  • Negotiate a better rate of pay with proof of excellent performance
  • Be kept informed about the latest developments that affect your working conditions and income.


Your Own Rating Card:


Just like a Business Card:


Hand your card to a prospective employer and they can view your online CV, you can also hand your card to senior colleagues to request ratings.

Project a professional image with a sleek complimentary card that has your unique web link.


Get Rated, Vetted, Trusted !